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September 1, 2016

So here we are, September 1, and two weeks away from Destination: Dallas 2016 and insanity reigns supreme. I am not sure of the three of us, Karen, Debbie and myself, which woman will be left standing. But this I do know, it is going to be a GREAT market!!!



Remember a few weeks back we told you how excited we were to tell you about Ann Scott Designs joining our little family here at Strictly Christmas. I just love her work. She does FABULOUS ladies and INCREDIBLE shoes. I LOVE shoes!!

Here is one of her pieces that helps explain how our shoe addictions start from day one as a little girl.

Isn't this fabulous?!!! Karen said it was really challenging to convert that leopard pattern that was so well done over to that tiny shoe, but I think it looks precious. It will be a great birth announcement for a little girl, having left room for the name and the birth date, or just a wonderful piece for a fledgling fashionista.

And there is a similar piece for a little boy.

And now we are proud to tell you we have two more wonderful and talented artists joining our family; Laurie Furnell and Linda Grayson. Laurie Furnell has a HUGE portfolio of incredible pieces for every occasion. Linda Grayson has a great sense of humor with an adorable play on words. We cannot wait for all of you to see them. We know you will love them as much as we do.

So if you are a shop owner and coming to Dallas, come by our room and see the work of these licensees for yourself. If you are a stitcher, check back the end of September and see the fabulous designs of all three artists. And keep checking back because new pieces will be added constantly, as well as new designs by Strictly Christmas.

With the surprise addition of these VERY talented artists -- which we NEVER thought we would be doing - and Deux Bijoux Bijoux designing their phenomenal artworks for our designs, especially bringing back the triptych, we are so excited about the year ahead and the creative future for Strictly Christmas Et Cetera. The "Et Cetera" is going to be VERY exciting!!

There you have it, at least for now. So it is now back to Destination: Dallas and hotel rooms and classes and line dancers and banquet food and projectors and exhibitors and shop owners and tables and show books and printers and...

Kathy (getting through it all somehow)

I knew I was in trouble but that was okay because Karen is ALWAYS in control.


Debbie (this really happened!)

So I called Debbie for help and all I heard was her screaming, all the way from Tatum, Texas, "We need another what?"

By the way, be sure you read the showbook, Debbie has outdone herself this year. It is GREAT!!

We have reserved three adjoining padded rooms immediately at the close of Destination: Dallas. Can't wait!!
Anyone wish to join us? We can probably expand the block of rooms as we know MANY of you will qualify.

I will do a small post from the market next Thursday letting you know how things are coming together for the market. And remember:


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