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Sisters forever...

Aren't we cute? Mom made our dresses. She was a creative lady as well...
passed it on to one of us. Guess which one?
The other one can't draw a straight line but is good at personal relations,
loves dealing with dogs and that order.

Together then...together today...and loving it!!

I have always loved Christmas and I have always loved design...creating, drawing and painting...who would have thought I could combine the two and end up with a career of over 40 years, and with no formal training? I started with, and still hold close today that all Strictly Christmas stockings convey a story and a strong feeling of the essence of Christmas -- LOVE. I am honored that a piece I designed can become a significant part of a person's life...stitched and given to them with much affection, and will be an heirloom in their family forever. That is a legacy most people could only hope for, but one that I am thankful for and take seriously through Strictly Christmas. Christmas is fun, and through Strictly Christmas I get to tap into that joy...creating for the holidays...and I love it: always have, always will....
See you around the Christmas tree.
~ Karen McVean

I am so happy to now be participating in the amazing needlepoint industry. After being a court reporter for 40 years and working daily with lawyers, everything adversarial, my sister asked me to join her at Strictly Christmas, and it was a perfect fit, and the people I talk to are actually happy. Imagine that!! I love working with my sister, and am always awed at what is going on in her mind: dancing hippos, Mardi Gras sock monkeys, ballet giraffes in tutus...who knows what else? And I so enjoy getting to know the shop owners and helping them find the perfect canvas for their customers. And who knows, maybe one day even I will learn to stitch. I can't wait to see how we grow together, what the next design will be, and what Strictly Christmas holds for the future.
~Kathy McVean

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