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August 4, 2016

Welcome to the first musings of Kathy's Korner. I am not sure how I ended up here and what direction this is going to go, but I hope we all have a fun and surprising journey together.

First I will say it seems most odd to me to be writing on a Christmas blog when it is 105 burning-hot degrees outside. There is something really wrong with that. And to really add insult to the bursting thermometer, I went to Leigh's blog to kind of get an idea of how this works, and aside from being a lovely writer, she was talking about putting on more clothes because she was cold. Really? Are you serious? I am trying to figure out just how much I can take off and not get arrested!! Leigh, that was not funny!!! Let me give you a hint, don't bring that sweater with you when you come to Texas, YOU WILL NOT NEED IT!!!
















Today is August 4th, and a very special day because it is my sweet sister's birthday. I love you, Karen, and am so grateful that God gave me you for my sister.

If you have not visited "About Us", please do so and see the picture of the two of us when we were just a few years younger. Here is another picture of Karen, one of my favorites, in another dress mom made. Look at that head of hair!!

Happy birthday, Sis!!


So let's just go ahead and address the elephant in the blog...can you believe Strictly Christmas has a website? No, cannot be true.

I know, miracles do happen. We can't believe we have a website!! But it's true, and we hope it was worth the wait. And there is still so much more to come. I think we have actually joined the 21st century. It was a great collaboration, and we certainly want to thank Devon Nicholson for her great patience and her beautiful work!!

Thank you so much, lovely lady.

Having that HUGE hurdle in our rear-view mirror, finally, what could possibly be next for Strictly Christmas? Well, let me tell you, it is so funny how things happen. There is this fabulous artist that I have been bending Karen's ears about for years. I love her work, and every time we would see her cards I would grab one and say, "I love her work." I guess Karen finally grew weary of hearing this and decided, okay, Kathy, do something about it, so she said, "Why don't you call her and see if she would be interested in licensing her work to us." Really? Do you think? What do I know about licensing? Nothing. But did that stop me? No, because I have been taught by the best, my sis, they can't tell you yes unless you give them an opportunity to say no. Much to our great joy she said yes.

We are so proud to tell you that Deborah Koncan, who designs under her company name Ann Scott Designs, is allowing us to convert her beautiful pieces to needlepoint. We cannot wait for you to see the first pieces in September at Destination: Dallas. We know you are going to love them as much as we do.

And speaking of Destination: Dallas, I just cannot believe the things I have to do for this market. Sometimes it is just asking too much!! I have to find two young cowboys to come to the welcome party Saturday night to teach us to line dance. I really think I am going to have to interview each one and see each one dance, don't you? I really do not have time for this, but the sacrifices one has to make! If anyone would like to join me, you are most welcome.

So do you think the welcome party is going to be fun? You betcha it is!! You will not want to miss it!!!


Enough for now, can't tell you all of our secrets and all of our surprises at one time—and there are more, but I will save them for next time. I am sure y'all can't wait to know when that will be.  Let's just say “Thursdays.”

And what will we do next time?

I think for sure I will introduce you to Willie and Skillman, George and Betty Boop.

See you then,


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