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August 11, 2016

Let's just get this over with. Last week y'all saw my favorite picture of Karen in the bright red dress mom made, with ALL that beautiful blonde hair and her gorgeous smile. Karen asked that I post my picture that was taken at the same time. The things one does to keep one's sister happy. So here goes, get ready, folks. We have the beautiful blonde princess and–are you ready—really ready?―a chicken!!
Do you see it? I know you do. I look like a little chicken. Karen's hair is all curled and coiffed. What happened to mine? Not a curl anywhere. Do you know they have a million pictures of Karen as a baby and toddler, and then I came along and I guess the camera broke. Oh, to be the first child!!!





So with the glamour shot behind us, let's move on to something much more interesting. Have you read Leigh's newsletter? If you haven't, I strongly suggest you do so. It is a great read. I especially liked the photograph of her beautiful begonia. Lovely, don't you think? Karen and I love flowers, too. And not wanting to have a gardening competition between us and Leigh, but we wanted to post a picture of our flowers, too.

Oh, did I mention it is hotter than Hades down here and everything is burned to a crisp? Beautiful, aren't they?


But we do want to say thank you for your kind words about Destination: Dallas, Leigh, and how much fun it is going to be. Karen says it's a party with a purpose. I know it's a market and we are all there to work, but what's wrong with working hard and playing even harder?

I am still interviewing those dancin' cowboys. I just haven't found the right two yet. I am thinkin' it's probably gonna take another couple weeks. Wanna know what I'm lookin' for? Be more than glad to tell ya. White starched shirt, tight jeans, cowboy boots and hat with the brim curled just so, a handsomely rugged face with a square jaw–I love a square jaw–and blue eyes. How does that sound, ladies? Oh, and he can dance, too, and he calls you darlin'. Can't figure out why I haven't found him yet. Karen keeps sayin' “Get real, Kathy.” One can dream, right?

He looks something like this. I did a fast sketch. Had I worked on it longer, I am sure it would have looked a lot better.

Well now, we've finally settled who has the artistic talent in the family and who has the...let's see, oh, yeah, brains. It's funny how when one talks about cowboys, one loses all proper English and that Texas accent comes spewin' out.

It is always so nice to get a lovely surprise, and we certainly got one the other day. Julia and Mickey of & more brought us a canvas they designed specifically for Destination: Dallas. Take a look at it. Boot Stitchin' Boogie equals Destination: Dallas. Isn't that clever? The Management Team gives & more a great big hug and thank you for showing their appreciation in such a charming way. I may have to learn to stitch so I can stitch this piece. Thanks, Julia and Mickey.

Moseying right along–can't help myself–Strictly Christmas has some more exciting news. Some of you younger folks (haha) may remember years ago we had a triptych that went with some pieces Karen had designed. Our dad created and made those triptychs. When he could no longer make them, Karen had to retire those pieces because she could not find anyone who could make them. Well, problem solved. Deux Bijoux Bijoux is making the triptych. Yea!!! We are so excited. So the triptychs and the canvases will be in both Strictly Christmas' room and Deux Bijoux Bijoux's room at market, along with some other pieces they have created for us. What a fun collaboration. Their designs just make you smile, don't they?

We still have a couple more surprises up our sleeves, but since this is running longer than intended, I will just have to save them until next Thursday. And I wanted to introduce y'all to the rest of our crew: Willie, Skillman, George, and Betty Boop, but they, too, will have to wait because they are a story all on their own. Anticipation, anticipation is makin' me late, is keepin' me waitin'. Always loved that song. Don't know why but it just popped into my head.

One last thing, I promise, remember we are looking for stitch guides and pictures of finished pieces. Send or contact me if you have or know of any.

That's all, folks.


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